March 10

With a Little Help From My Friends

In past blogs and social media posts, I have offered help in whatever way I can. I believe strongly that we should help each other instead of being competition. In that spirit, I want to share more specific ways I can offer help and assistance. Check out the list below and if you feel like you could benefit, please reach out! 


Have you been asked by your facility to provide an inservice? Feel like the staff at your building could benefit from a refresher on dysphagia? Not sure where to start? Midwest Dysphagia Diagnostics provides free inservice to facilities. We are prepared to speak on dysphagia in general, diet consistencies, how to fill out section K, or how FEES could benefit the facility and residents. We are ready to provide the entire inservice or collaborate with you. We’ll even bring the snacks! 


Have a difficult dysphagia case that you aren’t quite sure what to do with? Need some resources? Reach out! We have a large library of EBP articles ready for you to implement in your practice*. Ran into a diagnosis you have never seen before? Let us know! We can talk about dysphagia all day. 

FEES Advocacy Help

Are you ready to implement FEES in your facility but not everyone is on board yet? Are they still in the dark as to the benefits of FEES? The information they need is right here. We have compiled the latest research and cost/benefit analysis material to show the staff in your facility. Getting the needed instrumental assessments to all patients is our passion and mission. Let us help you show the value and necessity of FEES. And again, we will bring the snacks!


Just feel like you need to vent? Looking for that one article that you can’t find*? Questions about MDTP? Want to do a job shadow? Reach out! We would love to hear from you. 

Remember it is community over competition and we are all stronger together. 




*We only provide full text versions of open access articles. 


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