June 2

June is Dysphagia Awareness Month


June is dysphagia awareness month. Dysphagia impacts almost 1 in every 25 people but most people don’t even know what it is until it affects them or someone they know. This month is all about raising awareness to help those with dysphagia or with a loved one with dysphagia feel less alone and to find resources to help. 

What can we do as SLP’s? Let’s all help get the word out. This month, I will be sharing different stories and case studies I have encountered that may be familiar to you or someone you know. Stayed tuned for success stories, interesting mysteries, and more. 

Are you someone that is struggling with dysphagia? You don’t have to be alone in this. Reach out here or to an SLP in your area. We would love to help. Dysphagia can be very treatable and there are options for everyone. 

Are you someone with dysphagia that would like to share your story? Please do! We would love to spotlight you here with Midwest Dysphagia Diagnostics. 

Stay tuned and #ScopeOn


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