What we are doing to keep your residents, staff, and facility safe during COVID-19

The top priority during this time is doing everything I can to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Safety and infection control are incredibly important. The precautions below were established with consult from infection control specialists as well as recommendations from the CDC and the Iowa Public Health Department. I am happy to provide a copy of the Infection Control Policies and Procedures on request. 

Enhanced Infection Control

  • All equipment used is hard surface so if can be disinfected
  • All equipment is cleaned a minimum of two times before it enters your facility
  • All CDC recommendations for disinfection are followed 
  • All disinfectants used are specified for use to kill COIVD-19

Changing the Way We Do Things 

  • I visit only one facility each day to prevent transmission from one facility to the next
  • I wear PPE to airborne standards
  • I follow your facility’s PPE regulations 
  • Time spent in the facility is kept to a minimum
  • I am happy to complete the test in a room of your choice 

Keeping Ourselves Safe 

  • I am tested for COVID at least twice weekly 
  • I am happy to take a test at your facility before entering if requested
  • I participated in the Pfizer Vaccine trial and have received both doses of the vaccine 
  • Time spent in public spaces is very limited. Masks are always worn and social distancing precautions closely followed.