About FEES


Cost Effective

FEES is about 1/4 of the cost of Modified Barium Swallow Studies and that doesn’t even include the cost of transportation to and from the hospital. We do not charge for any travel time or mileage. And if we cannot pass the scope, the patient is not charged for the procedure.

Evidence Based

There is a large body of research supporting the accuracy and benefits of FEES. We know that bedside swallow evaluations can be inaccurate in up to 70% of cases with the patient either put on too restrictive of a diet or silent aspiration is missed and the patient is at risk for developing aspiration pneumonia. That’s why a GOLD STANDARD in instrumental evaluations is key.

Rapid Results

Your patient shouldn't have to wait weeks (or more!) to receive an instrumental swallow evaluation. That delays their treatment and can leave the patient at risk for aspiration pneumonia. We come to you and evaluate your patients in 1-2 business days. We are able to work around the patient’s schedule to include family and caregivers in the evaluation. Plus, because we come to you, the patient is not missing the rest of the day of therapy. We will complete the evaluation and leave a hard copy of the report with the patient and caregivers complete with results, diet recommendations, compensatory strategies, and targeted interventions.

Patient Centered Care

We strive to include the nurses, families, Speech-Language Pathologists, and other caregivers with the evaluation. That way, the treating SLP can get a firsthand look at the patient’s swallow function, allowing the treatment plan to be individually tailored to each patient. We are also able to evaluate the patient in their natural environment and use their favorite foods and real medications to make the evaluation individualized to each patient.

Safe and Effective

Multiple studies have shown the safety of FEES. The evaluation is able to be repeated as needed to show progress, re-evaluate diet recommendations, and determine if interventions are working without needing to expose the patient multiple times to radiation used with Modified Barium Swallow Studies.

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